Things You Must Know About Wet Area Plasterboard

Plasterboard is essentially an inward layer of gypsum sandwiched between two external layers of covering paper remembering different added substances for the gypsum layer and shifting the weight and quality of the coating paper, will give the completed board various properties

Made up of precious stones

Gypsum is comprised of precious stones containing a limited quantity of water (known as water of crystallization). In a fire, this water is driven-off, keeping the temperature of the fire down, and averting fast fire spread. Plasterboards, for example, Gyproc Fireline, are in this manner utilized widely for fire security demonstrating as long as 4 hours assurance in some extraordinary multi-layer framework applications.

Cutting down the voices

Plasterboard is useful for chopping down commotion transmission especially airborne sounds, for example, discourse and music. Elite plasterboards, for example, Gyproc Sound Bloc, have an extraordinarily structured center that gives far better protection against sound. While standard plasterboard is perfect for most situations, it shouldn’t be utilized in always wet conditions. For kitchens, washrooms and comparative wet zones, Gyproc Moisture Resistant, uncommonly planned with silicone added substances in the center, or Glascock H Tile backer, a profoundly water safe Class A1, non-flammable glass strengthened gypsum board, ought to be utilized. Visit for shaftliner.

How it is made

Glascock F Multibird, a glass-fiber strengthened gypsum board, isn’t made in the customary path with covering paper. Rather, the sheets are reinforced with layers of glass fiber promptly underneath each surface. This gives them great all-round execution, an excellent tough mortar finish, and empowers them to be effectively bowed for use on bended structures. They are amazing for semi-uncovered territories, for example, soffits and so forth. There are the number of plaster boards that are used to decrease the edges of the plaster boards primarily. They are either used for the skimming or the joining. However, the square parts are the most effective parts that are used for wrapping up the thing things. Plasterboard for the most part comes in 1200mm wide sheets, intended to suit the standard 600mm stud dividing utilized in lodging today.

Different widths are accessible for explicit frameworks for example 900mm widths for the quality metal stud lodging segment framework and 600mm sheets for utilize where space is restricted. Most standard plasterboard has one ivory face and one dark colored. The liner on the ivory face is uncommonly intended for putting mortar ought not be applied to the dark colored invert face. Paper liners are commonly produced using reused paper a major in addition to for the earth. Joint splitting on plasterboard roofs is perpetually brought about by twisting of the joists as the wood dries out. The sheets that are used for the fixing of the such irritated issues associated with the high-quality cement sheet weatherboards. That proves to be the best in making utilization of the plaster of Paris.


In spite of the fact that you can apply backdrop legitimately to the paper surface of plasterboard, in a perfect world the surface should initially be fixed with one layer of Gyproc Drywall Sealer to permit simple stripping sometime in the future.

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